The Routley's recipe? “Start with a mix of talented people who pride themselves on their ability to produce fine quality food...Provide exceptional customer service, add fresh ingredients and Bake Fresh Daily.”
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Routleys: The Best Wholesale Bakery in Geelong

Established more than 60 years ago, Routleys is a leading supplier of baked goods in the Geelong area. We make a wide range of different products that are renowned for their flavour, and most of our clients are regulars who know a great pie when they taste it.

In addition to supplying food outlets, we also offer a bread and cake delivery service and can provide catering and fundraising options to suit your specific needs. Thanks to the recent acquisition of well know cake and pie companies, we have been able to extend our range – meaning we are the choice cake shop for Geelong locals.

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  • For 60 years and counting, we are a proud Australian owned Family Business. As one of the biggest wholesale bakeries in Geelong, we make a wide range of baked goods and also offer bread and cake delivery. More about us »

Things We Make

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  • We make muffins, pasties, pies, quiches, bar cakes and Swiss rolls, bread loaves, bread rolls, cream cakes, donuts, tarts and much, much more »

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