Routley’s have been established for over 60 years, and we are a proud Australian owned Family Business. Nelson Place Williamstown – original Routley’s Store (no longer operating)

Our History

Victor and Verna Routley first started Baking in 1947 in a small shop on Nelson Place, Williamstown. Vic started working as a Baker at the cake shop. Soon after he began working they purchased the shop and operated it together.

The working day began at midnight, when they stoked up their big brick-lined “Scotch” oven, which they fired with wood or briquettes.

“We would put the pies in first when the oven was the hottest, then various types of cakes, finishing with the sponges,” Verna recalled.

In 1971, they sold out to their Son Lawrie and his wife Anne who have expanded the business to what it is today. Lawrie and Anne still manage the daily operation of Routley’s along with their 5 children.

Today the business has grown to an extent that the HACCP certified, quality-controlled bakery in Geelong, along with the great team of staff, produce an assortment of products 6 days a week.

Routley’s and their large crew of dedicated staff supply their own stores along with a range of wholesale customers, including many of Australia’s largest catering companies. You will find our product in cafés, restaurants, and food delis. Our pies, breads, pastries and cakes tempt many customers a day.

We know our growth is due to the quality of our staff and their determination to produce fine quality products coupled with exceptional customer service.